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Playful Planet book reviews

"My grandchildren loved the characters, the artwork, and the storyline. A true children's classic." Vibecke Seim

"This should be made into a children's TV series. Delightful." Alan Kerr

"A beautifully illustrated and captivating book for children. I loved it, too." Rachael Harper

"This book is very special indeed. We all loved it, and we look forward to future editions ... and hopefully a TV series." The Hanson family.

"An interesting take on the mythology of the planets, and for children. Very clever. As regards the artwork. Wow! Just wow!" Rens Van Der Heij

"My niece and nephew both love this book! It's quite charming and clever, and it also teaches them about out solar system. Highly recommended!" MD, Ohio

"At School we were taught the mnemonic Some Mothers Very Easily Make Jam Sponge Using Nice Plums to help us remember the order of Planets in the Solar System for our science exam. It did the trick too! However, there is now a much better way for children to learn about the Planets. This excellent book takes the reader on a journey through the Solar System, introducing the Planets one by one. We learn some of the myths and legends associated with them in a simple, colourful, and entertaining way. Beautiful artwork brings the Planet's personalities to life. Playful Planets gives context to our life on earth and is more relevant today than ever before. It is a wonderful children's book and highly recommended. Having said that I think most adults will also love it!" Ashley K.

"This book is very nice and special. Our grandchild loves it, and it is helping her learn English." Bernhard and Ketty, Sweden

"As kids, we all learned from Goldilocks never to leave an unguarded porridge, from Red Riding Hood that wolves would never make good secret agents because they were hopeless at disguise, and from Snow White that dwarfs have a thing about blondes - so now, finally, something really useful: a guide to our solar system for kids, done in such a way that it is informative and at the same time fun. Makes what is usually a heavy subject light, accessible and yes, 'playful'." John Mathews

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Do you want to teach your kids about the planets and space?

Planet superheroes and kids astronomy? Well, the planets are the orginal superheroes of myth and legend the world over. Who is your favourite planet superhero? Mars the god of war, or venus the gooddess of love? Or maybe Saturn - Kronos, or Jupiter - Zeus? Planets for kids; the Playful Planets is the perfect kids astronomy book series. Learning about the planets in space adds up to great fun for children.


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